My love for baking is as old as me, I guess.. It all started with my late grandmother who made awesome apple cakes, great cinnamon buns and what about her meat pastries.. eh.. so.. I actually started side by side with her.. those are one of my favourite childhood memories..

Anyhow.. my first attempts to make something more than a cozy home-made cake was total fiasco, some of my friends most probably still remember it as my Just-a-half Name day cake.. (for those who don’t.. I was making my first sponge cake and it did not turn out as fluffy as it should have been and in order to give the cake at least some height I just cut it in half and made it taller.. so instead of 2 layers, I had now 4.. creative right?!? : ) anyhow at least it tasted well..)

But this story is about my dear boyfriend giving me a new cookbook that is so full of most delicious pictures of marvelous cakes, tarts, muffins and other baking wonders.. and I just decided to try them all.. and of course I want to share my experience with you.. so without further ado.. let’s start with BANANA MUFFINS..




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